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Are YOU Hurricane Ready?

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Like many of you, when one thinks about “Hurricane Readiness”- everyone has the basics down: the stock pile of water, ensuring the vehicles have gas, a back- up generator, and of course the food!! Snacks, junk food, and canned food! Needless to say, we do need to take it a step further and think about that beautiful cooling unit that keeps us evenly tempered in our homes; our HVAC system.

With that said, please find the following bullets to help you get your A/C System Hurricane Ready!


  • Unplug electrical items: In the event of a power outage, this will help reduce any electrical failings. If you have a window unit, this is a perfect example that needs to be unplugged.
  • Turn off A/C Breaker: Helps decrease further electrical damage which can be costly to repair after the storm passes. Continuous power interruptions to a system may cause further issues. Additionally, if a power outage did exist, it would also help offset a blown fuse or circuit.
  • Cover the Exterior Condensing Unit: First of all, ensure your unit has hurricane straps already installed, so your system won’t be flying around in the event of a storm. Secondly, covering your system with tarp will help protect the unit from flying debris and tree limbs.


  • Inspection: Unboard and remove the cover to the condensing unit. Ensure that no large debris or animals has nested inside. When in doubt, give Service Professionals a call to provide you a more comprehensive progress report on your Unit.

By adhering to these simple steps, will help you to get back up and cooling after the storm passes!

Have a safe Hurricane Season!

**Article Tips Courtesy of Angie’s List: Is Your HVAC System Ready for Hurricane Season?**