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Air Quality Matters

Inspecting Air Quality | Service Professionals of Florida - Marco Island Air Conditioning Service
When the windows and doors of your home are shut tightly during a hot and humid Florida summer, air quality in your home can take a hit. Why? Because modern homes are built to be energy efficient, which means the construction is tightly sealed to prevent air leaks. This helps the monthly utility bill but not indoor air quality.

So how does the air in your home become polluted? There are quite a few ways actually. A big offender that’s been noted by the EPA is called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs come from a variety of items including household cleaners, paints, finishing products, carpets, and even that new bed. VOCs do not play nicely with the human body. Other contaminants that affect air quality are mold spores, bacteria, dander, and allergens.

So what’s the solution? Open the windows in the middle of August? No, fortunately, we offer air quality equipment that integrates into your heating and air system. These products work together to purify, refresh, and protect the air your family breathes each day. Learn more on our indoor air quality page.