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Smart WiFi Thermostat

Smart Wifi Thermostat | Service Professionals of Florida - Marco Island Air Conditioning Service
At Service Professionals, we like helping people not only stay more comfortable but save money doing so. The ecobee® Smart WiFi thermostat does just that. An ecobee makes it easy to control the comfort of your home whether you’re sitting in your favorite chair, grilling on the patio or relaxing in your boat.

The ecobee Smart Thermostat actually pays attention to how you consume energy and figures out how you can save the most energy and money over time. It will even alert you when an issue arises. Since air conditioning (and heating) accounts for over 50% of a home’s energy usage, a smart thermostat that saves money is a huge benefit to the monthly utility bills. A recent study estimated that the average ecobee homeowner saved 24% on their heating and 21% on their cooling energy costs versus the benchmark of leaving their thermostat on hold at 72 degrees Fahrenheit.